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by Paul Nalewajk

What Are The Benefits of Instituting a National HVAC/R Service and Maintenance Plan?

  1. Greater Buying Power
    A quality national HVAC maintenance company has greater buying power and gets first priority service from its subcontractors than an individual retailer would, due to the volume of work the national contractor gives the subcontractor in any geographical area. Therefore the retailer receives faster response times, at the minimum rates possible, for a competent contractor in a specific area.
  2. Consolidation of Work
    A national HVAC maintenance agreement allows for consolidated invoicing of service and maintenance work, and transfers the functions of quality assurance, technical assistance, and follow-up to the national contractor. This reduces the overall costs of HVAC maintenance.
  3. Specialized Expertise
    In today’s world of specialization, allowing people with specialized training and experience to deal with complex technical issues obtains maximum efficiency and lowest cost. Specialization, volume, and experience allow the properly run national HVAC company to provide savings to the owner which amounts to substantially more than the mark-up of the service company.
  4. Increased Efficiency
    Increased comfort in a retail store leads to increased sales. No one stays in an uncomfortable environment out of choice. Less down time translates into maintaining a comfortable environment during a greater percentage of time over the life of a location. This translates into more sales over the life of the location, as well as better employee relations.
  5. Consolidated Reporting
    A quality national HVAC maintenance company can provide the facilities manager with the tools and free time required to perform his or her job. Consolidated, concise information, furnished to the facilities manager is a necessity. The facilities manager must distribute information to the stores and corporate management, as well as make decisions based upon the information he or she receives. The more easily this information is obtained, the easier the dissemination of information becomes. This information, including performance reports (used to determine how well the contractor is doing his job) can be downloaded from a third party web site at will. If the retailer prefers, all required information can be E-mailed in Excel format on an agreed schedule. The information transfer options available today can greatly reduce the time a facility manager spends doing rote work like data entry. This allows the facilities manager more time to “manage” his contractors, visit sites, and respond to requests from site managers.

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