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Brinco Mechanical Management Services, Inc.Brinco Mechanical Management Services, Inc.

About Us

Brinco Mechanical Management Services, Inc sets the standard for multi-site commercial HVAC/R maintenance, repair, and replacement nationally.


Brinco Mechanical Management Services, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality of national commercial HVAC and refrigeration management services.

We provide that service with professionalism integrity, dedication, and expertise ensuring our customers complete satisfaction.


After 25 years of servicing and installing mechanical systems locally, Brinco was approached by a NYC based retailer dissatisfied with their current provider. They requested that Brinco manage their HVAC programs nationally. They wanted the same level of integrity, technical capability, speed of response and cost effective solutions Brinco delivered to their New York locations, to be provided to all stores nationally. Brinco excelled in meeting this challenge and surpassed all expectations, and the rest is truly history.

Since its inception, Brinco has met the facility manager’s need to manage HVAC assets intelligently. Our current clients are some of the largest and most successful retailers in the world. We continue to provide multisite clients with innovative, cost effective solutions that consistently maintain the value of their HVAC assets, deliver comfortable environments, and deliver a level of unparalleled reliability.


Our Brand

Renee Prager and Ron Prager, along with a dedicated staff, take extreme pride in the business they have built as well as the work product they deliver. The company was founded on the basis of integrity, transparency, and full disclosure to both employees and clients.

We believe:

  • Due to the highly technical and complex nature of HVAC/R, it is vendor’s responsibility to assist in educating facility managers, ensuring that they become more effective in making choices with respect to work scope, programs, and appropriate vendors
  • Continuous training and education of our staff is imperative to the sustained growth of Brinco and the sustained quality of service we deliver
  • Equal opportunities must be provided to all employees regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual preference
  • We constantly challenge ourselves, our people, and our vendors to innovate and improve the quality of our process and our service every day
  • Our reputation is our most precious asset


  • We identify and source quality contractors through our detailed qualification and on-boarding process
  • We continuously monitor contractor performance with respect to cost, speed of service, quality of repair, and first time resolution of issues
  • Every invoice and proposal goes through a complex multistep validation process for both clerical and technical compliance
  • Our service contact center is staffed 24/7/365 with our own employees who are specifically trained to handle HVAC/R issues
  • Our people are thoroughly experienced with most web based work-order management systems and our systems are fully integrated for real-time, two-way communication with these systems
  • Timely turnaround of invoices and proposals including full compliance with accounting, finance and sales tax requirements is crucial to our clients and is standard operating procedure at Brinco
  • All work is scheduled with realistic dates, and rigid adherence to those dates, maintaining credibility for both the facility manager and Brinco
  • We provide and track superior initial response time for emergency calls
  • Technician time on site is verified and validated by a third party GPS or IVR system
  • Brinco is capable of complex, transparent data mining and reporting based on individual client requirements
  • We are extremely successful at managing the required process within a client’s budget constraints


Renee Prager

Chief Executive Officer & President

Ron Prager

Chief Operating Officer

Hara Prager



Rick Lee

Vice President of Business Development

Curt Picard

Vice President, Strategic Asset Management


  • Lowest overall cost per square foot
  • Dedication to excellence in a single trade
  • Ability to leverage large volumes of work to reduce costs
  • Cost transparency
  • Ability to pre-assign multiple levels of contractors to a site
  • Sophisticated trade specific software systems
  • Superior HVAC/R technical expertise
  • Superior vendor management
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Integrity