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by Paul Nalewajk

How Do You Evaluate a National HVAC/R Service and Maintenance Plan?

  1. Does the management company provide technical troubleshooting assistance for the contractor making repairs or diagnosing a problem?
  2. Does the management company assist both the Owner and the Contractor in the decision making process when considering alternate solutions for an existing problem?
  3. Does the management company police the contractors to make certain that the owner gets exactly what he or she pays for?
  4. Does the management company carefully review each invoice to make certain that the owner pays only for the minimum amount of work required to repair a system, or maintain a system at reasonable levels of efficiency and reliability?
    • What qualifications do the people reviewing invoices possess? Does an experienced technician review all invoices to determine the integrity of the work performed?
    • What qualifications do the people reviewing proposals possess? Does an experienced technician review all proposals for recommended or required repairs to determine if quoted amounts are real or inflated and if work is truly required?
  5. Does the service management company review the history of each location prior to authorizing a service call to make certain that the call is not a call back, and to make certain that the work should not be performed under warranty?
  6. Does the service management company allow the subcontractors to charge surcharges to make up for labor rates, which appear low?
  7. Does the service management company check the model and serial number of each unit where a compressor change is required to determine if the compressor can be obtained under the five year extended warranty?
  8. Does the management company check the cost of replacement parts with the equipment manufacturer to make certain that the cost of parts does not exceed the manufacturer’s suggested list price?
  9. Does the management company have the respect of the subcontractors and manufacturers within the HVAC industry?
  10. Does the management company claim expertise in multiple fields? Or only in the HVAC field?

The correct answers to these questions define quality service management and has provided the basis for the development of our national HVAC service company. With 45 years of experience designing, building, and servicing HVAC systems for large retail chains we have all of the skills, ability, and history required to solve any HVAC related problem.

Prior to our entering the national service arena, we operated and still operate a local HVAC service and contracting company. We developed a level of technical expertise which allowed us to operate then and now, as national troubleshooters for several retail chains. We also acted and continue to act as consultants developing prototype mechanical plans and lease exhibits as well as performing post and pre construction inspections.

This experience makes us unique in the national service market. We have the experience of actually performing the work we supervise, superior technical knowledge, personal relationships with every major equipment manufacturer, and for the cost of a plane ticket, we have the ability to send out one of our own technicians to inspect and or make repairs.

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